Resumption Compensation and Hardship Acquisitions

Scott Iveson specialises in Resumption Compensation, including Hardship Acquisitions and sales to public authorities.

In these scenarios, Scott only works under instructions from property owners and their solicitors and never takes instructions from the Resuming Authorities, in order to maintain true independence in the valuation, negotiation and expert witness processes.

Scott has been involved personally in hundreds of resumption and hardship acquisition matters, ranging from small easements and part land takings to multi-million dollar settlements.

Scott’s experience includes involvement in resumption matters referred to the Land Court and he is experienced, willing and able to perform competently and confidently in an Expert Witness role.

In his decision to work exclusively with affected owners Scott is understanding of the emotional toll that resumption and hardship events can have on those owners.

With such extensive experience, Scott’s focus is on achieving fair results with minimum stress on owners through professional and amicable negotiations with resuming authorities and their representatives, to avoid costly and lengthy legal battles, yet he is also competent, willing and able to assist in the more complex and high value disputes through the Land Court processes when it is necessary in order to achieve these fair results.


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